„because we can“


To help fight the corona virus with higher efficiency, two companies from different industries have joined forces and pooled their resources and capabilities to provide the optimal service, getting critical medical supplies to any location around the world.

CFB-Aircraft is a German charter airline, which operates private jets and commercial airliners. Planes that are usually on lease to other airlines have been returned CFB headquarters and transformed into freighters, ready for any medical transportation mission to supply medical equipment on demand to any location around the globe, all within a few days.

GST (German Secure Trading) is the company that rounds out the team, with additional, local sales teams on the ground, as well as access to laboratories and pharmaceutical products. This makes us capable of providing any medical equipment and pharmaceuticals required by hospitals, governments or for private use.

GST, Secure Medical Supply
„because we can“

These are the companies that have combined to form German Secure Trading GST.

A company that offers all services, from development and production, through to transportation, all under one roof.

GST will be happy to assist you in fulfilling demand for protective medical gear and look forward to receiving your request, regardless of time or place.